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Benefits of Maverick

Accurate and up-to-date information about your patients is crucial for their care. COVID-19 testing, gastroenterology testing, as well as upper and lower respiratory testing are all covered by Maverick, and our rapid turnaround time makes diagnosing and treating easier than ever. 

We at Maverick work tirelessly to make the transition from clinic to lab simple by offering courier pickup, extraordinary customer service, and top-notch care from the first call and specimen collection to the delivery of results and beyond.


Testing Options

  • Upper and lower respiratory illness testing
  • 22 and 12 panel gastroenterology testing
  • Comprehensive team of experts to perform biopsies for colonoscopies and endoscopies
  • PCR and molecular COVID-19 testing
  • Options for self-administered or physician administered testing

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How It Works

  • Flask

    Rapid turnaround times including 24-hour turnaround for molecular tests

  • Blood Test

    At-home or physician administered testing

  • Virus

    On-site supplies ahead of time, or overnight mail-in options

  • Test

    Billing directly to insurance companies

  • Doctor

    Accurate data entry to best treat your patients and great customer service

Early testing gives your patients the best chance to make a recovery, and our goal is to aid that process as much as possible.

Contact us today to learn more about the difference that Maverick Labs can make for your clinic.

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