COVID-19 PCR Test – Oral


We collect an all-in $149 testing fee up front. For patients who have commercial insurance and are seeking a lower all-in cost, Omnia can process an out-of-network insurance claim on your behalf.

What’s included? Overnight shipping to your desired location, instructions to self-administer or set up a telehealth guided collection, a prepaid return envelope, and a COVID-19 PCR test (gold standard of COVID tests) result within 24 hours upon receipt of the sample.

How do I get reimbursed for the testing fee? Book an appointment with Omnia to do a telehealth guided collection ( and then Omnia will handle the processing of your claim. You may then receive a check from your insurance company. If Omnia receives a check, Omnia will apply a refund to your purchase of the testing fee.

Monday-Friday, all orders placed prior to 12pm EST will be shipped on the same day.

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