When it comes to patient health, it’s critical that healthcare clinics provide reliable testing options with fast turnaround times. Life-threatening health conditions need to be addressed quickly which is why there’s no time for backlogged testing sites. The well-being of your patients depends on it. 

If you’ve found that your testing is getting backed up with excess orders, it’s time to contact the Maverick Labs team about outsourcing your testing needs. 

Speedy Turnaround Times and Wide Selection of Tests

We offer customizable respiratory and gastroenterological testing solutions with 24-hour hour turnaround times for results. Whether you need molecular or pathology testing, we’re well-equipped to handle your unique needs in record-time. We also provide COVID-19 PCR testing and antibody testing which is a necessity during this worldwide pandemic. Instead of having patients wait on life-changing results for days on end, you can outsource your testing to us and ensure fast, accurate results. This will keep the flow of patients more tolerable and, most importantly, take care of their health concerns in a timely fashion.

Advanced Technology to Help Your Clinic Succeed

At Maverick Labs, we take a collaborative and consultative approach with our customers, focusing on removing pain points and creating mutual value. Our solutions are highly customizable and designed to support the needs of many different types of healthcare organizations. Our staff of experts ensures that state-of-the art-technology is employed at every single step throughout the testing process. In addition, we employ cutting-edge tools for understanding the specific needs of our customers and their patients. We’re here to help your organization grow and succeed for years to come. 

Countless Perks for Patients 

The testing we offer comes with many perks for your patients, such as:

  • Wide Selection of Available Testing Options: We have upper and lower respiratory tests that look for 22 different bacteria and viruses. When it comes to gastroenterology testing, our tests can detect 22 different conditions. 
  • Convenient Sampling: We provide an on-site supply ahead of time so there’s no wait for tests. Patients are given the option of self-administering the test or they can be conducted by our healthcare professionals. 
  • Hassle-Free Testing: Our lab will handle all of the logistics and data entry, as well. 
  • Expert Testing Capabilities: We have an expert team of couriers, technologists, and pathologists that provide second-to-none biopsies on samples taken from colonoscopies and endoscopies.

Ready to Outsource Your Testing?

Clinics that outsource their testing to us will be able to provide better customer service, offer a wider selection of testing solutions, and be able to rely on fast, accurate results. We provide our clients with comprehensive results and scalable solutions for multi-location facilities. Please contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help serve your facility.