At Maverick Labs, we strive for excellence in customer service by providing a variety of services and maintaining relationships with our clients. Through our biopsies and molecular testing for both respiratory and gastrointestinal concerns, customer care and improving the lives of patients is our mission. 

Professional Services You Can Trust

We value the long-term relationships that we create with the physicians, clinics, and individuals that use our services, and work diligently to maintain them through quick turnaround times for results, as well as up-to-date and accurate information reporting. Working closely with our clients allows us to remove any pain points in our services, and work towards creating a happy and healthy client base.

  • Collaborative and consultative approaches to partnerships
  • State-of-the-art technology managed by top-notch staff
  • Cutting-edge research and resources to best manage the needs of our patients and providers
  • Reliability in results, and quick turnaround times to get you the best information available
  • Advanced analytical technologies customized to each healthcare provider and each specimen sample

While our primary objective is to analyze and test for respiratory and gastrointestinal concerns, we have also branched out to include antibody and PCR COVID-19 testing to do our part in helping to combat the global pandemic.

Operations Management at Maverick

Our patient-first approach to testing has allowed us to optimize testing for each individual needing our services, and to provide advanced information in order to help patients recover quickly. All laboratory practices at Maverick adhere strictly to the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (CLIA) guidelines in order to create a safe environment for testing and patient care. Our care doesn’t end at safety guidelines however– we maintain our excellent care through a myriad of services and providing clinical information in a comprehensive and timely manner.

  • Comprehensive upper and lower respiratory testing for 22 different bacteria and viruses
  • 22 and 12 panel gastroenterology testing for different strains of bacteria, parasites, and viruses
  • Biopsies for samples taken from colonoscopies and endoscopies analyzed by our comprehensive team of expert pathologists
  • Additional forms of gastrointestinal testing for specific medical concerns
  • Scalable services for both individuals as well as larger organizations such as pharmaceutical companies and clinics
  • Excellent care from specimen collection through to the delivery of results
  • A hand-picked team of experts to handle everything from customized analytics to customer service
  • Expedited results in less than 24 hours of sample receipt at the lab

Care Above and Beyond Expectation 

We at Maverick value our service to our community, and strive to show such in every facet of our business. Our patients come first, and our second-to-none results prove our commitment to healthcare on an individualized level. Contact us today to learn more about how we can best serve you.