Healthcare Partnerships— Teaming Up To Help Patients

For medical clinics, having a partnership with a reliable testing organization is not only important to the success of your business, but it’s also essential for ensuring positive health outcomes for patients. Maverick Labs is dedicated to providing fast, reliable, and accurate testing to clinics. You can trust that we have your needs covered with […]
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Committed to Quality — Our Mission

At Maverick Labs, we are committed to improving the lives of our patients through a wide range of high quality testing services, including diagnostics for respiratory and gastroenterological conditions, as well as meeting current testing demand for COVID-19.  Since our beginning, meticulous care in every aspect of our practice has been key to our success, […]
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Maverick Labs’ Commitment to Customer Service and Care

At Maverick Labs, we strive for excellence in customer service by providing a variety of services and maintaining relationships with our clients. Through our biopsies and molecular testing for both respiratory and gastrointestinal concerns, customer care and improving the lives of patients is our mission.  Professional Services You Can Trust We value the long-term relationships […]
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Importance of Early Detection in Gastroenterology Illnesses

Gastrointestinal symptoms – such as nausea, abdominal discomfort, and unintentional weight loss – are unpleasant and may indicate many possible ailments.  These symptoms can be signs of a variety of illnesses from the common stomach bug to more serious conditions. Early detection can make a substantial difference in patient outcomes, so testing at the onset […]
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The Importance of Being Tested Early

According to a recent study from The American Journal of Managed Care, early identification and proper medical care for diseases may result in better health trajectories. When symptoms arise, it is optimal to receive testing right away to efficiently diagnose and treat conditions. At Maverick Labs, we prioritize the health of patients by offering 24-hour turnaround […]
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Outsource Your Clinic’s Testing Needs to Maverick Labs

When it comes to patient health, it’s critical that healthcare clinics provide reliable testing options with fast turnaround times. Life-threatening health conditions need to be addressed quickly which is why there’s no time for backlogged testing sites. The well-being of your patients depends on it.  If you’ve found that your testing is getting backed up […]
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